yo what’s up i’m wirt!!

Pronouns: He/Him/Pup
major kinnie
artist :D
(art credit: savethebees2k16)


Hyperfixation: Danganronpa
Other fandoms: OTGW, TOH, Steven Universe, Beastars, Stranger Things, Gravity Falls, Night in the Woods, IT, BMC, I am Not Okay With This, + a lot more
art credit: ToksinBlak


Links to all my socials!
art credit: amysheirerart

dni if you:
support trump, don’t support lgbt, don’t support blm, don’t support neopronouns, are racist, go by the name kolton (sorry), hate my friends/bf, support pedos or incest


triggers: the name kolton, r/pe, open c/ts, gunshot noises

discomforts: loud noises, bakugo from mha, mentioning my mother if we aren’t friends, mentioning the tim i was female if we aren’t friends, “stressed out” by TOP